An ecological dairy farm in Teuva, Finland, wanted a new cow house, where the architecture would be more in terms with the ecological ideology. We sniffed around and came up with a concept built on the arousing sensation of combining the scent of milk, especially tasty, we made a long, high house in the shape of a cumin seed.

The interior of the house is designed so as to please the cows. We talked with the farmers and they gave a lot of detailed information of how the cows live, their habits and what they like. Since they like to be in the forest, we made the supporting construction of a bunch of old telephone poles. The floor slopes quite a bit, reminding of the real ground outdoors.

The cows can also have eye contact with each other, as well as with the calves, who are placed inside an oval fence in the centre of the building, around which the cows stand. And if they look up, they can see the stars at night, through a transparent plastic cover made of recycled greenhouse plastic in a part of the roof. The ceilings and roof of the house are made of left over planks, which are rounded on one side.

The bulls live in a yellow tarpaulin cheese formed building, stuck into the cumin house. The milking takes place in a round building resembling a milk can, from where the milk is taken to a building shaped like a Finnish milk carton.

An environmentally-friendly cowshed for 50 cows in Teuva, 1997.