Alice George

Alice George

Alice GeorgeĀ“s poem for the house is written during the hectic moments to get the house ready. She was present, helping with everything from cleaning to painting the ornate floor.

Working Play Song
Leaf House August 2009

Finish the bones and apples!
O vertical boat of noise!
sighed the sculptor painting a floor
the greenest of grass greens.

Unbreak this funny heart,
this mess of love unfinished!
prayed the poet painting ducks
the whitest of wet whites.

O when shall they live their lives?
And shall the coffee be done?
begged the boy on the roof,
paint dripping from his tongue.

Make a world of wild quiet-
A house with trembling ears!
sang the sound man low
to his softly clicking bridge.

And the leaf man sang love
And leaf woman sang mess
And leaf boy laughed around
waking every word alive.

Alice George is a poet living in Chicago.