Frank Brümmel (one of invited artists) envisaged and designed a terrace table made out of concrete, called Bee Dance. The idea of the table is to visualise the waggle dance of the bees. The table was implemented with the help of know-how offered by Consolis Technology and skillful handcraft by Contesta. Different kinds of special techniques were combined in the table project, such as uniquely shaped mould, coloured concrete with crushed glass, partly exposed and partly polished concrete surface. The colours and the shape of the table matches with the honeycomb paving used in the garden.

Consolis Technology Laboratory

Consolis Technology Laboratory Consolis Technology is a R&D unit of the international precast concrete company Consolis SAS ( The R&D laboratory of Consolis Technology, locating in Rusko, Finland, offers a wide range of testing and research services in the field of concrete technology and building physics.

Contesta Oy

Contesta Oy is a accredited testing institution and provides a wide range of testing and research services based on in-depth expertise on concrete technology ( Contesta has the main office and laboratory in Vantaa and a smaller testing laboratory in Parainen, where the Bee Dance-table has been handcrafted. )