Jan-Erik Andersson: Life on a Leaf -Iconic Space
My House as an Architectural Artwork

Demonstration of Knowledge and Skill for the Doctorate in Fine Arts, 8.11. 2008. Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Department for Postgraduate Studies.

Feel free to download the study in PDF format. The Summary is in English, Swedish and Finnish.
The study, written in Swedish, consists of three different parts; Inledningen (Introduction), Dagboken ( The Journal), Teoriboken 1 & 2 (The Theory book 1 & 2).
An English version will be made in the future. Those who are not able to read Swedish might be interested to know that hundreds of pictures are included in the study.
Kindly, respect the copyright of the author. Without permission from the author no copying and/or distribution of the written material is allowed.
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Summary in English

Sammanfattning på svenska

Tiivistelmä suomeksi


Inledningen (408 KB)


Dagbok (9,8 MB)


Teoribok 1 & 2 (12,5 MB)