Erkki Pitkäranta

Erkki Pitkäranta

Architect drawings and planning of the Life on a Leaf house, together with Jan-Erik Andersson.

Architect Erkki Pitkäranta and Jan-Erik Andersson started their collaboration in 1995, when they both were planning the coming headquarters, the “SOL world”, for the cleaning company SOL in Helsinki. During the process they found out that they both were interested in an architecture based on tales, imagination and forms from nature.

The “SOL world” didn’t get realized, but Pitkäranta and Andersson founded Rosegarden, a collaborative team, to continue working for a more imaginative environment. Rosegarden is also responsible for the Life on a Leaf house.

While Andersson uses cardboard, paper, pencils and brushes to express his architectural ideas, Pitkäranta can use the skills and CAD knowledge of his architect company Arkkitehtityhmä Pitkaranta to realize the Rosegarden visions, but also many other architectural projects based on a more minimalist aesthetic. The company is based in Helsinki.

Arkkitehtityhmä Pitkaranta: