Fire and Rain

Visual design of two ventilation pipes on each end of the new road tunnel, built under the centre of Tampere, 2016.

Andersson won the competition concerning the visual design of the two ventilation pipes, both 6 meters in diameter and around 40 meters high. The shape of the pipes was given in the brief. The concept is based on an ornate vertical pattern, using the same drop shape. In the Fire pipe the shape forms a flame and in the Rain pipe a water drop. The design also connotes greek columns. Andersson chose to use a different pattern on each pipe to make the work into a total experience driving through the tunnel. The designs also connect the pipes to their surroundings. The Fire pipe, with a deep red ground colour, reminds us that a lot of old factories, built of red bricks, have been situated in this area, and some are still to be seen. The red brick factories are a very important visual element in Tampere as well as the waterfalls in the center of the city, connecting the lakes on both sides. The Rain pipe is situated in an area where Näsijärvi, the lake surrounding Tampere, can be seen. The pattern on the pipes are, in this way, also meant to be iconic elements, representing the city.

The video shows the process of planning, painting and mounting the pipes.