Food and Body (Bergen)

Edible Finns (Jan-Erik Andersson, Kari Juutilainen, Pertti Toikkanen) with Kurt Johannesen: Food and Body, Torgallmänningen, Bergen, Norway, 2006

Edible Finns made a joint performance with the Norwegian performance artist Kurt Johannesen in the centre of the town Bergen, on the coast of Norway. While Johannesen constructed an iglo of loafs of bread over himself, Edible Finns constructed a fish table out of one of their members. Slices of freshly salted salmon, lemon and parsley were placed on Pertti Toikkanen.  Bypassers could come and enjoy a surprise meal by grabbing a piece of bread and some salmon. The performance dealt with the production of food, the closeness/remoteness of the food production to ourselves and our bodies.

Edible Finns is a performance group founded by me and artist Kari Juutilainen in 1992. We were later joined by artist Pertti Toikkanen. The group deal with the eating as a ritual and the communicative role of food.