Free Space exhibition

Free Space, exhibition in the Ostrobothnian Museum in Vaasa 17.9.2021–13.3.2022.

Together with curator Magdalena Lindroos, we have built up an exhibition, where central works made during the last ten years, communicate with each other. Also included in the exhibition are works, which were made as collaborations with architect Erkki Pitkäranta, sound artist Shawn Decker, environmental artist Eileen Hutton, poet Robert Powell and my son Adrian Andersson.

Curator Magdalena Lindroos, Vaasa City Museums, writes:

Jan-Erik Andersson (b. 1954) has questioned the rules of art and society with surprising and narrative art works during his forty-year long career. As well as performances, installations, video works, photographs, sound works, sculptures and architecture are part of the artist’s versatile production.
As an artist, Andersson does as he wishes. He is not bothered with rules or labels. Primary colors, playful forms and different ornaments are part of his characteristic style. An idea that is seemingly light and playful often hides a deep thought that bites into society and humankind.
His most famous work is the total work of art Life on a Leaf, a house that the artist built for his family in collaboration with architect Erkki Pitkäranta. Through the house project the artist questions current ideals for modern living. Ever since its completion in 2009 it has gotten attention both nationally and internationally.

Over the years, Andersson has explored the effects of the unexpected by collaborating with other artists, including sound artist Shawn Decker with the work Urkonzert as well as with poet Robert Powell and the environmental artist Eileen Hutton in the work Voicing the Bridge. The artworks are displayed in the exhibition.

In this exhibition, Andersson also explores the space between different generations. Which imprints does the previous generations leave and how are they managed? What do we transfer to the next generation? Which memories are made and which are destroyed or disappears? Andersson explores his relationship with his father and own son alongside with bigger phenomenon’s in society.
Are there things the next generation never will experience? Old knowledge that disappears in an act of patricide? An ongoing process of decay and renewal. New things can sprout from the force of the purifying fire.