Science Kitchen

Science Kitchen

A digital image for the kitchen working table of Jan-Erik Andersson’s Life on a Leaf house.

The image is meant to create the illusion that the table is not a surface but a “window”.
The virtual space under the kitchen table shows fantastic creatures and objects floating in absence of gravity.
Inspired by both science-fiction or space flight visuals and baroque frescos with trompe-l’aeil effects, the image tries to simulate a fantastic, science-fiction like situation, featuring digitally manipulated zoomorphic characters and everyday elements like kitchen equipment that will turn into alien hi-tech devices with peculiar functions.
The composition should be like an irregular pattern, creating a sensation of spacial depth but no classical central perspective: just like life in a space module interior where everything is weightless and concepts like upside or downside have no real meaning.

Karin hopes that her project will not affect the quality of the food that will be prepared on the kitchen table in future…

Karin Andersen is a media artist living in Bologna