Marcel Duchamp dans la Douche with Carl Milles (Stockholm)

Installation in the Con Temporis exhibition, Millesgården, Stockholm 1992 . Marcel Duchamp dans la Douche  has also been shown in the Water exhibition, Helsinki Art Hall 1990. The work is now in the collections of the Kuopio Art Museum.

For the exhibition of Finnish contemporary art in Millesgården, Stockholm, the home of sculptor Carl Milles (1875–1955), now turned into an exhibition centre. Andersson was lucky to get Milles’ studio as the site for his installation. Milles dominated the Art scene in Sweden in the early 20th century with a lot of public commissions. His connections with the fascist movements made him a controversial artist during the late 20th century.

In the centre of the studio Andersson placed his surreal portrait of Marcel Duchamp (and Mona Lisa!) staring through his binoculars onto a sculpture by Milles, Europe and the bull, with a naked woman riding on a bull. Andersson equipped the sculpture with primary coloured lights.

On a black sculpture stand Andersson placed a bust of Carl Milles made with a surface of white sugar cubes covered with resin. On the head, as a kind of big insect, was a scale model of an army helicopter. At the time of the exhibition a lot of army helicopters were swarming around in the air.

A sculptural group, made with white sugar cubes, some of them painted in the primary colours, was situated in a corner of the studio. This sculpture was inspired by an idea Milles had about making a totally independent artwork, a sculpture called the Plesiosaurus group, placed on a small island in the outer archipelago, that no human being would see, only for God. He never realized the project.

For this exhibition Andersson made Milles’ dream come through. He brought a sugar version of the plesiosaurus group out on a small island in the archipelago between Stockholm and Turku. The sculpture, made of sugar melted slowly away after Andersson left the place, only for God to be seen! Andersson made a video work of the process where he himself dressed up to be Call Milles and his artist friend Marjatta Oja as Milles’ wife Olga. The video was projected on a shadow of one of Milles’ sculptures on the wall of the studio.

On the studio window a cut out version of an extinct large lizard helped to turn the whole space into a surreal dream.