Berry Eating

    Peformance at the Kone foundation’s Saari Residency, Mynämäki, Finland For the autumn party for artists and invited guests at the Saari Residence, Edible Finns chose to use local berries to comment the tranquillity of the environment. The Saari Residence is situated in the middle of the countryside and is popular by artists who like quietness

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    Glacier Eating

      Performance at the opening of the “Luvassa lämpenevää” exhibition at the Joensuu Art Museum, Finland 16.6.2010. The theme of the exhibition was the global warming. The Edible Finns, dressed like clowns, heated a glacier made of ice cream with small gas burners to speed up the melting of the ice cream under the Finnish summer

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      House Eating

        For the exhibition ”Here and Now” (1.2–28.4.2013) at the Ars Nova Art Museum in Turku, dealing with the history of performance in Finland, Edible Finns were asked to do a performance. Turku is notorious for the destruction of old ornate wooden buildings, so the group chose to loosely comment on this by chopping houses made

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          In connection with the Extra Muros-exhibition in The Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent, Belgium, 20.10.1994, Andersson, Juutilainen and Pertti Toikkanen gathered to eat around a table made of ice, slowly melting. They were dressed in hats and gloves made of living [live?] food. The meal consisted of a reindeer-steak, cowberries, cloudberries and cranberries. Besides

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            The Edible Finns were invited to do an eating performance on the opening party of the Henry Moore Institute’s 10th anniversary exhibition. Henry Moore was known for his vital sculpture, a form with a strong inbound energy. For the performance, which took place on September 27:th 2003, The Edible Finns made a very vital Moore

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