My Life as Books

    Performance during the inauguration of the renovated old Turku City Library, 19.9.2008 For the performance on the opening festivities of the renovated main library in Turku, Andersson made edible copies of ten important books in his life. The original books were shown in a showcase during the day of the performance. In the evening Andersson

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    Cleaning the Art – performances (Copenhagen, Södertälje)

      For the exhibition The Scream – Nordic Fine Arts in the Arken Art Museum in Copenhagen, 1996, Andersson continued the cleaning process with his alter ego Saint Scrubbingbrush. He asked the other participating artists to leave the cargabe, which was left over from the installation of their works, on the floor. Then he made small works

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        Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki 1995 In the performance in Gallery Sculptor Andersson was sweeping the floors of the gallery’s four empty rooms during three weeks from early morning until the gallery closed. He also slept in the gallery backroom. Andersson was dressed like a knight from a Spanish renaissance painting with a cleaning uniform all made

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