Reijo Kautonen

Reijo Kautonen

Construction measuring.

RK-Mittapiste Oy and Leaf house

When I saw the first article of the Leaf house project in Turun Sanomat
my thoughts went strait to the rare shape of the building and it aroused the interest in measures and location questions. Later on in the same article artist and constructor Jan-Erik Anderson asked after authorities and go-operators who would be interested in participating the project on the basis of humanity and goodwill in stead of economical interests.

The measuring duties on a project like this are not very long lasting, but the challenge of doing something different woke me up in a new way, why not.
When the project is finished and people are admiring Leaf house, I can be proud of my self and feel the honour of having to be accepted to take part to this project with the knowledge and skill that I have.

RK-Mittapiste Oy
Reijo Kautonen, Surveyor