Sounds from the Well-fed Abyss

Performance in collaboration with Shawn Decker at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki. 1997. N.A.M.E. gallery, Chicago 1996.

The performance was in three parts, each in a different room in the museum building. The first part was based on my experience as a stutterer. Pre-recorded dialogues recorded in different environment in the city was mixed by Decker with sounds of me stuttering live.

The second part was based on the sounds from eating an apple. After a thorough research in different food stuff, when I was a guest artist at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, we found out that the apple is “the ultimate sound machine”. By eating an apple in different ways, it is possible to make an incredible amount of different sounds.

  A ten minute miniature concert in honour of the apple was made. Decker used a background soundscape with the sounds of me eating an apple. During the performance I ate an apple. Decker recorded it live and changed the sounds in a computer program and combined them with the background soundscape.   

During the third part Decker used a special microfone, which traced the sounds of the apple inside the digestive channel, as a strating point for his sound manipulations.