Susanna Peijari

Susanna Peijari

The Dance

I think there are some similarities in living, dancing and building a leaf-shaped house.
– Some things must be done by the rules.
– Some things must (and should) be improvised.
But the only way to get the best of it is to enjoy it.

My gift to the house are the dancing footsteps on the bottom of the bridge (which is connecting the second floor front bedroom to the other parts of the house). The footsteps dance diagonally over the bridge making a quick, light turn in the middle. Which way they dance is not important. They can be arriving from day´s work to rest, or they can be on their way to give a new morning their best wishes. Which dance are they dancing, or are they dancing it correctly is not important either. The important thing is just dancing.

A bridge is (for me) a symbol of life. We are constantly moving from one phase to another, building new bridges, big and small, leaving some behind etc. I try to remember to dance over my bridges (and not to burn them behind me.)

Susanna Peijari graduated from the Turku Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. Along with her installations and graphic art works, she has been doing wall painting projects for schools and illustrations for books.