Tables for FRAME

Rosegarden (Jan-Erik Andersson & Erkki Pitkäranta): Design of the new office for FRAME, Finnish Fund for Art Exchange, an organization promoting the visibility of Finnish visual art internationally, 2000.

The idea for the design is based on the word FRAME. The letters F, R, A, M became tables in different colours. The red F is based on the director at that time, Marketta Haila’s (former Seppälä), lip stick colour, the A’s green is the favorite colour of the curator Paula Toppila. The R became yellow just to enlighten the space! M is a small table for meetings in the director’s room. E was made into a lamp in the lobby. All the shelves are made of unpainted brown MDF sheets. The table for looking at slides was made in the shape of a light bulb and in the kitchen a kitschy Finnish lamp from the 1970:ties shines over the organically formed table, where curators and museum people meet to study Finnish art.