The Apple Tree Pomona – the Virtual Diary

The Apple Tree Pomona – the Virtual Diary is an art-project for Sirkkala school in Turku, 2003 (the pupils are 7-11 years old), where traditional fairy tale narration and traditional sculpture is combined with modern computer and Internet-technology. The art-work was made as a process, where the teachers and the pupils were a part of the creative process.

The project belongs to a series of school-projects Jan-Erik Andersson has made, where the aim is to integrate the art work as an organic part of the school environment and the educational program in the school. For this project Jan-Erik has used as starting point the fact that people, especially young people, like to mark their environment. This sculpture allows the pupils to make virtual marks/signs using new technology. Through the interface on the computer they can take pictures of themselves and their friends, write stories, watch videos made by pupils, read news about things happening in the school and vote about daily matters in school etc. Simultanously it can also serve as a means for a serious communication between pupils, teachers and parents.
The interactive computerprogram was developed in colaboration with Yves Bernard from Magic Media in Brussels.
Pictures:Robert Seger