Carousel Pavilion

The Barbeque Lover’s Carousel Pavilion

Kone foundation’s Saari residence, Mynämäki, Finland, 2013

The pavilion is a place where the resident artists of Saari Residence in Mynämäki, Finland, can barbeque, meet, read and enjoy their surroundings. It is also a landmark, much in the same way sculptures often are. The shape of the pavilion stems from Andersson’s own memories of childhood carousels and the six-sided stages dotted around the Finnish countryside that served as dance pavilions, for example. Andersson wanted to build a construction in which colourful steel beams meet natural materials and softer colours. The roof is made of reeds and because of its challenging curved shapes, a team from Estonia was chosen for the thatching. The sides of the grill were cast in holes that were dug around the pavilion. Traces of the surrounding nature were included on the surfaces of the casts by placing leaves and twigs in the holes. “Dance of the soy sausages,” an ornamental pattern made of clinker tiles designed by Andersson decorates the floor surrounding the barbecue.