The Castle of the Fire Princess (Södertälje)

Installations and sculptures, Södertälje Art Hall, Sweden, 1998

Due to my playful approach to art, I am often invited to do projects involving communication with children. One of my goals has been to mix the worlds of children and adults and I always enjoy these projects a lot. I was commissioned by the Art hall in Södertälje and got the whole Art hall to use for a project, for which I wrote a story about the Tree Prince looking for his Fire Princess. I told this story to a total of 500 children, while lying on the Heart-shaped table, and asked them to help to decorate the inside of the six meters high, candle-shaped, castle in order to break the spell and unite the Prince and the Princess. The visitors in the Art Hall were able to walk inside the castle on a ramp and look down on the castle floor, where the illuminated Fire Princess was lying. 

The castle installation was surrounded by my sculptures and parts of earlier installations. The wholeness was made to interest an audience from children to adults.