The Tampere Chocolate Sculptures

For the Urban Art Event organized by the City of Tampere in 1999, Andersson decided to use chocolate as a starting point for his project. The process of making chocolate sculptures is the same as other traditional ways of casting sculptures in bronze or plaster. A prototype is made in modeling clay, a mold is made from it and further on to a form in which melted chocolate is poured.

Chocolate sculptures are urban art par excellence, they are sold in urban settings, carried everywhere in people’s bags, shown off to friends, and finally devoured together with one’s significant other. And even after that they generate good vibes in your tummy for hours, until you just have to get another sculpture…

The old factory pipes and the Observation Tower in Tampere are powerful male images, as well as symbols for the City of Tampere, so Andersson thought they would make good subjects for the chocolate sculptures.
The handmade sculptures were made out of excellent chocolate by Kultasuklaa Ltd. in Iittala outside Tampere.