The Coffee Percolator 2000

Together with author Markku Into and sound artist Simo Alitalo, Andersson made a play in the surrealistic spirit for the Turku City Theatre’s Millennium celebration.

The trio worked independently and the results were melted together to form something unexpected. The common departing point was coffee, coffee drinking and a song Markku Into made in the seventies; ”Boil, percolator, boil!”

Andersson’s contribution, the stage setting including the dresses, was made around a big coffee cup house based on a famous cup designed by Kaj Franck. It was equipped with a window, which had a Lotto cross in the middle, because, besides coffee drinking, the Finns love to play Lotto.
A platform for the actors to perform was made inside the cup where the coffee surface usually is when a cup is filled with coffee!
Three radio steered sugar cubes rushed around the stage between the legs of the actors, dressed in coffee sack dresses.