The Flame (1–5)

The Ornamented Veil series. This is a  series of digital drawings/collages –made in the dark autumn months of 2021 – around the theme the flame. They have been on display in my exhibitions in the Pictor Gallery in Vihti 2.4–15.5.2022 and the café-gallery in the Amos Andersson Söderlångvik manor, Kemiö, 28.5.–30.9.2022.

The flame has been a recurring motive ever since I read Gaston Bachelard’s book about the flame (La flamme d’une chandelle, 1961), in my youth. Today, in these dark times, the flame can also be seen as a symbol of hope.
In these works I deal with the role of the ornament as a mediating element between “nature” and our inner fragile consciousness. Here I see “nature” as the inscrutable, endless and ever changing substance and space, which surround us – and of which we also are a part.
I have drawn the ornaments myself inspired by classical ornaments. Seen from my view the ornaments have only been waiting for our digital age, which gives all the perfect tools to create a rhythm which can be duplicated into eternity. In this series, the repetitive and calming rhythm of the ornaments melts into a furious ice-landscape, photographed around the Life on a Leaf-house, which consists of mathematical, vector-based areas of colour. In midst of which the flame tries to survive.