The Heart Shaped Reed House

Installed together with the Sounding Dome Sauna in front of the Turku City Art Museum 26.6–19.8.2012

The Sounding Dome Sauna was installed as a part of the Saunalab exhibition, arranged by the Turku European Capital of Culture 2011 Foundation (See below for more information about the Sounding Dome Sauna project).

As one of the projects, funded by the Turku 2011 Foundation, which were extended into year 2012, the Sounding Dome Sauna was installed in front of the Turku City Art Museum in the summer of 2012. Andersson was asked to design a shelter for undressing and taking showers before going into the sauna.

He proposed and executed a heart shaped structure, made with a skeleton of brightly coloured metal beams, inspired by the brightly coloured natural flowers growing in the small Eco-park, where the building would be installed. As a contrast the walls are made by sheets of reed, now fabricated in Estonia, which were used earlier in Finland during the 1930ties. The sharp edge of the heart is rounded off so that the people taking showers would not hurt themselves, but also symbolically to protest against architecture with aggressive triangular edges.

Bringing with them a swimming suit and a towel, people could enjoy a free sauna with sound by sound artist Shawn Decker and a view of the Aura river in the city centre.

The Heart Shaped Reed house was commissioned and is owned by the Turku City Art Museum.