The Horizon of the Imagination

The four-part work The Horizon of the Imagination has been completed in the new building of the Pääskyvuori school in Turku, 2023.
With this work, I continue the series of works made for different schools, the goal of which is more to create an atmosphere, a visual spatial experience in the school, than to attach a separate art object to it. The school’s students have also been involved in making part of the work. The work consists of the following parts:
  1. The Sun-tree, made of aluminium,  is attached to the corner of the school’s ten-meter-high facade. It is intended to function as a landmark and greets students and teachers, who come to school in the morning. I am grateful for the cooperation with architect Katrin Männik, that made it possible to use such a – for artwork – rarely used part of the building.
  2. The outdoor space also has the Pollinators’ swing, which is a metal sculpture made on top of a regular five-seater swing, which reminds us of the importance of flowers and insects in our ecosystem. The leaves of the flower, which form a transparent dome-like space above the students, have geometric shapes, based on natural mathematic relationships (no squares!).
  3. The surreal wallpaper work The Horizon of the Imagination (digital drawing/collage) made on the walls of the interior in two different places. In it, I use pictures of structures in the environment, such as the tower of Pääskyvuori, historical layers such as the nearby, demolished Kupittaa clay factory, and cones that fly in the air. In the background is a panoramic photo of Turku, which I took with a drone above the school. Also flying in the picture are the school’s own students, dressed as insects.
  4. The fourth part is a movable Video-bench, on which students can sit and watch a video (4K, 10 min.) from a bird’s-eye view of the entire 70-kilometer development of Aura river from a stream to a big river. School students fly above the river, dressed as insects. The filming of the students was made in workshops.