The Houses of the Three Pigs

Installation in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki (in collaboration with Henrietta Lehtonen and Annuska Rantanen) 1993

For an exhibition intended for children at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki in 1993, Andersson wrote his own version of the fairy tale of the three pigs and the wolf. It was presented as a video film where Andersson performed the parts of all the pigs: the disco pig, the ecological pig and the fashion pig, who were all hunted by the wild female wolf.
The pigs’ houses were built inside the exhibition hall: a tent for the disco pig, a greenhouse for the ecological pig and a castle made of tiles for the fashion pig. From one tower of the castle the video film was projected onto the wall. On one side, the roof of the castle functioned as a gallery for watching the film and on the other side, it provided a helter-skelter for those children (and adults) who think art is dull.
If you looked inside the other tower, you found a video where you could see the the brick layer make the tower.
Inside the eco pigs green house a “Mother monitor” were fed with all the visitors, who came into the exhibition room by a “Video camera insect”, scanning the doorway from up under the roof.

photo:Henry Edman