The Pizza Hut of Love (Flagstaff)

Arizona University Art Museum, Flagstaff, Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, Kansas City, McNeese State University Art Gallery, Lake Charles 1996, Retretti Art Center 2001, Galleri 21, Malmö 2002

Lately Andersson has been interesting in changing and remaking older works to see how and if they can stand time. The Pizza Hut of Love is one of these works. It has been on display since 1996 in different versions.
The first version was made for a touring exhibition with Finnish art in USA. The work continues the typical Andersson themes; love, eating, architectonic space and heart shaped items. The shape of the one-person Pizza Hut is made to suit a person eating a pizza sitting on a chair. The higher part is where the person is sitting and the lower part is where the pizza is situated.

In a window a video of Andersson eating a heart-shaped pizza is shown. The eating sounds could be heard in the exhibition hall. Arrows, whose “feathers” were decorated with eyes of women dear to me, were “shot” into the hut, whose colours originate in typical Finnish old wooden houses.
On the roof a Z letter, left over from the word pizza, is made of transparent resin with pizza ingredients olives, tuna fish and pineapple inside. The Z is lit by optical light fibers changing colours through the whole spectrum.

The exhibition tour started in the Arizona University Art Museum in Flagstaff. Andersson originally intended to build the hut on the edge of Grand Canyon close to Flagstaff, but because of practical difficulties the work was shown in the museum and only a digital version shows the original idea.

Six years later a new version of the hut was made for Retretti Art Center. The material of the hut was changed to semi transparent red acrylate and metal to reflect the “modern” glass architecture.