Video Kiosk (Pori)

A Video Kiosk presenting the Life on a Leaf house project.
Installation in the ECO-ART exhibition in Pori Art Museum, Finland, 4.2.–29.5.2011.

A Video Kiosk presenting the Life on a Leaf house project was exhibited in the ECO-ART exhibition in Pori Art Museum in Finland, 4.2.-29.5.2011. The exhibition was curated by Pia Hovi-Assad and Guest Curators John K. Grande (USA) and Peter Selz (USA). The other artists were Brandon Ballengée, Ciel Bergman, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Joyce Cutler-Shaw, Agnes Denes, Chris Drury, Michael Flomen, Andy Goldsworthy, Helen and Newton Harrison, Ichi Ikeda, Richard Misrach, Nils-Udo, Dennis Oppenheim, Robert Smithson, Alan Sonfist.
Andersson is testing different ways to present the Life on a Leaf house for a public, which cannot access the actual art work, the house itself. For the ECO-ART exhibition a new version of the Video Kiosk installation, shown for the first time in the Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk, Poland 17.9.-31.10.2010.
The video kiosk had three holes cut in the walls, through which you could see monitors showing the HD video from the construction, a HD video showing the interior of the house through glimpses from home video footage and a monitor showing the web cam from the outside of the house. The roof was made of cloths and tarpaulins used during the construction period. In front of the video kiosk a table was built, which has the shape of the leaf shaped floor plan of the house. On the table pieces of left over materials used in the building of the house were randomly spread out on the surface. Laminated pictures from the building process were glued on the materials. The visitors could use these pieces to build their own construction on the table.