World Wide Chocolate Heart / Helsinki-Brussels-Malmö

The aim of the WWCH project is to create a culinary pleasure link between different countries and cities. In spring 2002 a connection was made between Galleri21 in Malmö and Lume gallery in Helsinki.

The audience in Helsinki could take web cam-snapshots of themselves through a specially designed computer interface and send the picture to Malmö to be printed by a food colour printer on a white chocolate heart and eaten! Or the other way around. The eating session in the other city could be followed on a video screen through a real time video connection.

To enlarge the communicative experience Andersson created two identical ceremony tables for the project. They also function as sculptures with exchangeable prints for table surface and a built in sounds cape, combining sounds of chocolate licking with sounds from the sea, by sound artist Shawn Decker from Chicago Art Institute.

The first version of the WWCH-project connected Lasipalatsi in Helsinki with Brussels as a part of the IMAW multimedia exhibition 2000. This is the second WWCH project and hopefully there are more to come!