Yuichiro Nishizawa

Yuichiro Nishizawa

Project proposal for the Life on a Leaf

I am drawn to the idea of constant sunlight in the summer and the minimal light in the winter. That is an inherent part of living in Finland. I would like to make a piece that plays with that. I picture a piece that is made of fine golden threads or wires and some parts of them are tarnished to black. I hope to create an illusion of the sun hitting on the dark threads or wire. I took pictures of trees at Paimio. The bark of the trees had peeled off in such a way that the trees looked as if they were glowing with the sunlight even on the grey and rainy day. The size of the piece is yet to be determined. However, I would like the piece to be installed behind a wall so that the piece is visible through an opening or a slit in the wall. I envision the piece appears as if the sunlight is hitting the wall.

As this is possibly a piece for Marjo’s room, I like the use of golden and black wires. They, in my mind, relate to her and her liking for black. Also, it is part of my wish that during the long winter, the piece provides some “sunlight” in the house.


Yuichiro Nishizawa is a Japanese artist and furniture designer.