The Flying Roof

Bus stop shelter in front of the market square in Lahti centre, 2016

In connection with the commission to artistically plan the Alatori market square in Lahti, I was given a new commission to make an artistic bus stop for the tourist buses, stopping at the road between the main market square and the Alatori market square. It is situated on one side of the Alatori area and visually connected to the pergola sculpture, designed for the square.
To create a bus stop, which visually would connect to the work on Alatori, but still be different, the same kind of pencil like pillars, which were designed for the pergola sculpture, was used – but painted black instead of white.
The roof looks like it is being lifted up by the wind, because of the curved middle part. It is covered with shingle style sheets of plywood, to give it a connection to vernacular building techniques. The roof is treated with the same kind of protective orange coloured wooden oil, which was used for the wooden structure on the pergola. Seven small LED light are inserted on the outmost beam of the roof.
The sides of the bus stop have an ornamental design with triangular flame-like elements, which remind of the flame on the top of the cupola on the pergola.